Social Enterprises


Lipa Archdiocesan Formation Center (LAFORCE) is a quiet and tranquil place for gatherings like retreats, recollections, conferences, seminars and trainings. With complete dining facilities, it can accommodate groups ranging from 50-300 people. The basic framework of LAFORCE is focused on the total development of the person as he is the center of the community life. Through study, liturgy and prayer, as well as integration, LAFORCE looks forward to developing more authentic Christian communities in the archdiocese.The organizational staff of the center consists of a board of directors under whose guidance and inspiration work a director and an assistant director who act as administrative officers at the same time. Other members of the staff include a program officer, finance officer, facilitators or resource persons and house personnel. LAFORCE – Stands for LIPA ARCHDIOCESAN FORMATION CENTER

  • BIBLE – the source and life of formation namely, the WORD of God, his revealing love – JESUS CHRIST
  • CROSS and ARROWS – symbolize the martyrdom of St. Sebastian, the patron of LAFORCE
  • STAFF – symbolizes two realities: one, care of the Church as a Mother and Teacher, the other, the pastoral care, the Bishop gives to his flock which is shared and participated by the priests.
  • VOLCANO – the landmark of the province of Batangas. It is firm and stable, the source of energy that gives fertility to the land for the life of the people.
  • SMOKE – the daring and courageous spirit of the Batangueños to live the life of Christ and His Church.
  • WAVES and WATER – stand for the discovery of the unknown – God’s will in the modern world today. As man immerses and emerges from this unknown, he continuously is purified and sanctified, becoming indeed, an authentic evangelize, as he undergoes the process of being evangelized.
  • DIAMOND – marks the launching of LAFORCE on the diamond jubiee of the existence of the local church of Lipa, durable irresistible, firm and faithful, forever to follow the footsteps of the Master.
  • DISCITE A ME – the motto: it is taken from Matthew 11:29 with its parallel texts from Sirach 6:24-30; 24:19 and Jeremiah 6:16.
“Take my yoke and put it on you, and learn from me because I am gentle and humble in spirit: and you will find rest.” To answer and follow Christ is to partake and share in his yoke. This response is a decisive conversion after the heart and mind of Christ. It is always a Christ like formation and commitment to his Church.