It was the 12th of January when my parents broke the news that Taal Volcano in our province is erupting. I couldn't travel that time because it was reported that there was traffic congestion already in expressway due to ash fall. The news is all over social media with what is going on in Batangas and all I can do was to pray that hopefully everyone is safe. The following days after Alert 4 has been declared, rescue and relief operations were seen and felt. The bayanihan spirit was present among the Batangueños. All individual and group efforts were there to help one another! It was so good to see that humanity had been restored during the trying times. On the third week after the eruption, I was privileged to go back to my home province. I volunteer in LASAC and it was a humbling experience to help in my simplest ways. My two-week volunteering has taught me four things: humility, openness, perseverance and enjoyment. In challenging times like this, humility helped me more to see the situation that everyone needs one another. It helped me to be open more on what the Lord will ask me to do because it is where I am needed to. I saw how persevering the Batangueños are - from the victims to all the volunteers. The work might be tiring, but their willingness to serve is evidently there. Lastly, there is this certain joy in my heart that I couldn't explain when I went out of my comfort zone and did an unfamiliar task on volunteering. It wasn't easy at all, but this joy kept me going to fulfill what I was asked to do. Humility, Openness, Perseverance and Enjoyment – it is hope. Amidst all calamities and disasters, there is hope. There is hope for all the victims because of the hope we've been sharing with them. Jajet Gutierrez Couples for Christ